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Cleft Chestnut Pale Fencing

Top quality and long-lasting, Homewood Cleft Chestnut Paling fencing  is perfect for boundaries, screens and windbreaks, all the while giving you attractive, sturdy and maintenance-free fencing.

Ideal in gardens, estates, public parks and schools, our cleft chestnut paling fencing has been used at many sites including Newquay Zoo and Marwell Zoo, at the Haslemere Fringe festival , in a French Chateau, on a golf course, by a beach near Barrow and even to protect fish – its uses are many.

What makes this fencing so good?

A natural and sustainable resource, the sweet chestnut we use is harvested within 15 miles of Haslemere from the woodlands of Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. All our chestnut is “winter-cut” when the trees are dormant . Skilled craftsmen working in the local coppice cleave the sweet chestnut,by hand, into stout and chunky pales. Each pale is pointed at the top to shed water and resist rot. Once well seasoned , they are bound with best quality galvanised wire, in our yard in Haslemere.

Watch our YouTube video below to see how we make our fencing.

This fencing can be customised to your needs and can be made in rolls of any length. We can be versatile with the spacing of the pales, so numerous options are available, for example the normal 3 inch spacing between the pales or virtually no space between the pales.  In all cases, we adhere, as closely as possible, to the British Standard BS1722-4:1986 which is often a requirement for a Local Authority or other public body but is also reassuring for individuals to know too.

Wonderfully versatile, sweet chestnut fencing naturally complements your land making light of  contours and any tricky areas. It can bend around trees and corners, sit on top of uneven walls- it is ideal fencing for awkward situations.  Totally organic, you can rest assured that no pesticides have been applied to the sweet chestnut; making this safe in allotments and vegetable gardens.

Sweet chestnut (or Castanea sativa ) is a natural, sustainable, resource and we believe chestnut fencing can truly be described as eco or environmentally friendly.

Just call us for more advice about how chestnut fencing might work for you: in your garden, your allotment, your park, your zoo – wherever!

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We can arrange for delivery of our chestnut to almost anywhere.

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