About us

Steve Homewood  leads  the JE Homewood team, keeping the traditional, rural industry of sweet chestnut fencing thriving, while also offering top quality fencing and gate automation services both locally and further afield.

Beautiful and practical, sweet chestnut is at the heart of our business but over the years we have developed additional services to meet our clients’ needs. We have been selling gates since 1946 but since 1996 we have also been installing, servicing and repairing gate automation systems. We cleave laths , make beautiful chestnut panels and chestnut hurdles and offer a full range of other fencing supplies.

We put our wealth of experience and knowledge into practice to tailor our service to match your needs. Steve and his dedicated team offer a friendly and flexible service so you can be assured of the best expertise from start to finish .

JE Homewood is a member of  Haslemere Chamber of Trade


Steve is “the boss”. He’s been doing this since he was a boy ( for a bit more history about the firm , see here Homewoods and Haslemere,) so ask him pretty much any question about fencing or sweet chestnut and he’ll probably know the answer! He knows a thing or two about gates too.


Helen is married to the boss. She helps in the office; quite a lot during school term, less in the holidays.


One of our gate gurus, Allan started working for JE Homewood in 1995. He lives locally and, when he isn’t working on gates, he’s either with his family or messing around with his Land Rover. He’s nearly always in shorts, no matter what the weather.


Stuart is our other gate guru. He started working for JE Homewood  in 2003 and when he isn’t working on gates, he is either in the gym or travelling around the world. Stuart has never been seen at work in shorts!


Val is our accounts person. Used to come and work in our office but  is now working from her  own office in Fernhurst. She’s a Haslemere stalwart, helping lots of other small businesses keep their books straight.


Mark started working with sweet chestnut over 20 years ago, for G&N Marshman in Petworth. When Nick Marshman took early retirement in the spring of 2018 , Mark came to work with us – great news for us because he can do amazing things with chestnut! His laths, hurdles and panels are, to our mind, second to none.


James is our yard manager , does our morticing and makes our deliveries .


Ned helps out with anything in the yard but his real interest is sweet chestnut. He was born and brought up in one of the houses at the Weald and Downland Museum and is very much into traditional crafts. He also is pretty handy at the guitar and trail biking.

Karen the worker and Bailey the dog


Karen helps in the office 3 days a week. The rest of the week she is a dog trainer – comes in handy in the office when Bailey is there too!


Leo is the newest Homewood; now 17 years old  ( this is an old photo!) , helps Steve out with deliveries sometimes , occasionally  found in the office for half an hour after school or  during school holidays.


We had it all planned – get a dog and he can go to work with Steve. How naïve we were.   If only life with a dog were that easy…..

But having Bailey has made us far more understanding when people contact us and say ” Help! My dog is escaping” or ” I am getting a puppy in a week’s time and have just realised that I need better fencing” .