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We have set out below prices for the most common chestnut posts ( also known as chestnut stakes) , supplied peeled and pointed, round or cleft, “as they come” out of the stack. These posts are round, half round, or quarter section and measure approx 2″to 3″ in diameter  . If you want , for example, all rounds or to select the most straight posts then there is an extra amount payable ( approx 20%)  on the prices shown below .  We can  supply unpeeled chestnut posts – please email us for a quote .

We can also quote for pergola poles and  larger chestnut posts – for example the other day a customer wanted 12ft long chestnut posts with a diameter of 8 to 10 inches  and we were able to oblige . If it is the right time of year to cut, we will probably be able to help you with your request.

For chestnut paling fencing , we recommend that posts should be at least 18″ longer than the height of the fence , but for fencing 4’6″ high or more, then we recommend posts be 24″ longer.  We recommend that posts are driven every two to three yards, but for fencing 4’6″ high or more, we recommend every 2 yards. We also suggest you have struts at the beginning , end, every 50 metres and on corners. In some cases you might want to consider straining posts ( round strainer posts) at the beginning and end- please contact us for a price on those.

PLEASE NOTE  we are not able to supply bundles of chestnut pales at the moment .

PRICES for posts ” as they come”

4’6″                                                                        £4.22

5’0″                                                                        £5.57

5’6″                                                                        £6.43

6’0″                                                                        £7.69

6’6″                                                                        £8.56

7’0″                                                                        £9.32

8’0″                                                                        £12.89

9’0″                                                                        £15.03

NB The prices are exclusive of vat, which needs to be added to these prices at the prevailing rate.

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