Rustic fencing

We are often contacted by clients who want “rustic fencing” or “fencing for a cottage garden”. Its not always easy to know quite what people have in mind. For some people, our cleft chestnut paling fence, bound together with wire,  is what they are after, or they want our cleft chestnut post and rail.

Some people want something a bit different. Here are some photos of two different rustic styles which we have installed .

One style  is using hand woven chestnut panels, useful for hiding bits of the garden (for example a septic tank or maybe a compost heap) and for giving privacy between neighbours.

The other style is using sawn chestnut paling nailed onto a wooden frame. Here the fencing had to be dog-proof  because Daisy the dog was intent on digging up the lawn. But is also had to be neat, rustic and suitable for our client’s beautiful cottage garden. In contrast to the woven panels , the fencing had to be something plants could grow through and which  you could see through because, obviously, our client wanted to see her roses and shrubs through the fencing.

Since it is sometimes hard to imagine what fencing will look like once it has aged,  we thought it might be helpful to show what that fencing looked liked when first installed and what it looked like  after a couple of years- the snowy photo is not long after it had been installed, the other photos were taken this summer.

And for good measure, we have added a couple of photos of wooden 5 bar sheep hurdles, which can also work well in a rustic setting or a cottage garden. Plus a photo of a panel of cleft chestnut paling ( as opposed to sawn chestnut paling) which has been nailed on to a wooden frame. It is less neat and tidy than the sawn paling, but gives a different look. Frankly, the possibilities are endless – let your imagination soar, come to us with a design and we will try and help!