Fencing for Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo wanted chestnut fencing to keep the humans out and the animals in. But it had to look good – the pales (the individual bits of chestnut) needed to be chunky and solid. Too often chestnut pales are cleaved too thin making a fence look cheap and insubstantial.

Homewoods Cleft Chestnut Fencing only uses chunky pales so our fencing is always solid and attractive. To make Newquay Zoo’s fence even more substantial, we made it with 2 inch gaps instead of the more standard 3 inch gaps – perfect for the task.

Chesnut paling fencing is ideal in this environment; it has a natural feel, looks great and yet still keeps people out of areas where they’re not meant to be. Here it also allows small children to see the animals through the gaps and the solid rail on top is good for people to lean or rest on too.