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How Sweet Chestnut can reduce your carbon footprint

If you’ve thought of planting a tree to offset carbon consumption, then it’s worth remembering that’s not your only option. Buying local sweet chestnut products makes a real difference too because every time we coppice, the new chestnut growth starts absorbing CO2 almost immediately without the need for us to replant trees.

So, next time you need a post, a fence or a pergola pole, a walking stick or roofing shingles for your shed, buy local Sweet Chestnut timber instead of treated softwood. No tree will have been  permanently cut down to make your items and the wood will not have been transported many hundreds of miles by sea or by road.

The cutting of chestnut coppice creates a fantastic carbon sink. This traditional craft is environmentally sustainable, low impact and keeps our rural communities thriving by employing local forestry workers.