Entry Systems

There are many ways of controlling the opening of your gate.

Push Buttons

The easiest of ways to allow the gate to be opened- push the button and the gate opens. They can be modified with timers so that they do not work at night.


Keypads are handy for allowing access to specific people to whom you can give the code – gardener, builder etc. You can change the code  yourself as often as you would like. They can be incorporated into intercoms. There are many different styles.

Key switches

These are handy to allow lengthy time to work both sides of the gate without having to worry about the gate closing on you , or if you want to leave the gates open all day for example.

Opening Photocells

These work a bit like safety cells- a quick way to open a gate  as you ( or anyone) approach.  You don’t need to get out of the car or even wind the window down! They can be set high enough so that a cat or a dog doesn’t interrupt the beam but a deer for example would break the beam and open the gate, so too could a child.

Ground Induction Loops

A cable is laid under the driveway  and acts a bit like a metal detector. When a vehicle passes over the loop the gate opens. Very convenient – no need for you to do anything. They will not open for a person or a deer. They can be installed on timers so that the loop will not allow access at night . Then you can use other access controls to decide if the gate should open at night.


A hardwired intercom  requires a connecting wire from the  gate unit to the handset in the house. At the moment, if you would like video calling as well then the hard wired intercom is the option we would recommend. However the technology in this area is changing almost daily and it is only a question of time before video calling will be available with wireless intercoms.

A wireless intercom is a more straightforward way of installing an intercom and has the benefit of the phone being movable around the house.

GSM intercoms  acts a bit like a mobile phone. The intercom at the gate will call any number you have installed into the unit , thus allowing  a call divert for example, so you could open your gates even when you are  in a different county. Please note , a SIM card is needed and the intercom charges will be determined by the phone contract involved.


Battery Backup

Whilst not strictly speaking an entry system, using a 24Volt DC Battery backup system does ensure that your gates will continue to operate correctly in the event of a power cut.

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