fish refuge

Protecting fish

Read on…….. this is indeed a blog about chestnut fencing.

Our chestnut fencing  is being put into some local fishing ponds to stop cormorants diving in and taking  the fish . The chestnut fencing has been used to create structures  called “fish refuges”. They are filled with brush wood and it creates an environment for the fish to live in where the cormorants cannot get through the gaps to eat the fish.This means they won’t take the fish and because the chestnut is free from artificial preservatives the fish won’t be harmed by any unpleasant chemicals. In the photo, you can see the top of the chestnut fencing . There is nearly 4 foot of chestnut fencing  submerged  in the water,to protect the fish . What is more the chestnut fencing should last “donkey’s years” in the water.

We have to admit that until a few months ago, we didn’t realise that chestnut fencing could be used to protect fish. Our chestnut fencing has been used in Scotland to try to stop  capercaillie crashing (often fatally) into deer fencing – the capercaillie can see the chestnut fencing  which is attached to the deer fencing so they don’t fly into it, in theory.

Happy capercaillie,  happy fish, happy clients  but maybe not quite so happy cormorants!